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Boneless Children Foundation - Bio

The Quick And Fancy-Talkin' Bio: Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Boneless Children Foundation's music ranges from simple, poetic creations, to hard-hitting punk rock sideshows. Born & raised in St. Louis, Missouri, San Francisco transplant David Marc Siegel leads his band of musical malcontents through the twists and turns of the perilous environment of rock music today, playing a music described by the SF Weekly as "notoriously Dead Milkmen-esque." This group has developed a unique sound that draws comparison to The Talking Heads, The Police, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and the Who.

The debut album: "Stars For Anyone"
"Stars For Anyone," the group's debut full length self-released & self-produced album, was released nationally on October 2, 2007, and got as high as #200 on the weighted CMJ charts! Special thanks to Tinderbox Music for helping to make all that happen...

The album and the band were also featured on NPR's Open Mic Program, on a blog on the New York Times website, were a featured CMJ/Sonicbids artist for the last week of 2007 and the first week of 2008, and were included by The Onion in the list of Worst Band Names of 2007! The honors never stop... .

And check out our one sheet press kit thing here!

...And inspired by some webcomics he'd been reading, David decided the Boneless Children Foundation rock band official web site needed more webcomics. And thus, The Boneless Children Foundation the webcomic was born on October 28, 2005. (Happy Birthday, BCF-the-webcomic!)

The Boneless Children Foundation. Says: Yes! Personnel: The Boneless Children Foundation consists of Jonathan Kepke on bass, J. Logan Barrier on drums, and David Siegel on guitar and lead vocals.

The Group In More Detail:
The group was created from the ashes of El Pulpo, a not-quite legendary San Francisco band that revolved around SF's House of Love populace. When that band dissolved, drummer Brian Gorman and guitarist David Siegel chose to create a new band. Eventually, this new band - dubbed, "The Boneless Children Foundation," in that they wanted the group to be a "Foundation" and "Boneless Children" is not an ailment that really happens, was composed of song-writer Michael Musika on rhythm guitar and vocals, comedian Paco Romane on bass, Brian Gorman on drums and David Siegel on lead guitar and backing vocals. Well, things happen, and pretty soon David was the only one still in the band.

Did everyone quit? Did David kick them out in a fit of diva rage? No, the first one - they all quit. Soon after all this, David met Jonathan Kepke when David was the Musical Director for a Killing My Lobster show in 2005. Jon became the show's piano player, and David & Jon continued to play together after the show, with Jon taking up the bass guitar. Soon thereafter, Jonathan & David met J. Logan Barrier, and the newly re-invigorated Boneless Children Foundation was born. And things have been pretty much fantastic ever since...

Who Are These Handsome Men In This Band, Anyway?
  • Jonathan Kepke is a talented audio engineer, specializing in audio for film and with a vast history recording many different types of bands. He's also a bang-up bass player and piano player, as well as a darn good orchestrator, guitarist, drummer, song-writer, and he can probably also play the god damn flugelhorn. Who knows? He is also a native of Long Island, NY.

  • J. Logan Barrier is a drum-hitter of great power and ability, in addition to being one who hails from the wilds of Nashville, Tennessee. And he is a very talented fine art and commercial photographer, having recently completed his MFA in photography.

  • David Marc Siegel is the band's guitarist, primary song-writer and singer. He was born & raised in the wilds of the county of St. Louis, Missouri, and in his non-Boneless time he likes to write and arrange music for films (often short ones) and theatrical productions. He also works in the educational gaming industry.

ALSO: Visit David's little secret nook of a web-site over here. It's got lots of the music he's written & performed for various theatrical productions & such...


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