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(music & lyrics by David Sophia-Siegel)

Iím a little brother
Iím a shoeshine boy
Hey there little sister
All your pride and soft joy

The darkest mine is mine
Ten thousand tons of nothing
Burned all in ninety-one
And sacks of sawdust light the sun

And like the gang when it got to the sun
Set on fire and I felt like I won
But a diamond doesnít do me a thing
Unless I try to warm your eyes by the candle

For your benefit I sit on your stoop
And try to give you a feather
I endure your brotherís retribution
And your sisterís 1984 sweater

Iím a tadpole thought
In a big fish mind
She says Iíd like to give you a kiss
Come on over here Ė itíll be all right

I got a face you can trust,
Though you try to steal my carbon, eat my dust
For all the emerald and the diamond that you pay,
Iím gonna slip into the water, slip away

Get that man
Blue sky guy
Oh I lick your pavement
And I kiss your eyes
Iím the only one thatís laughing
Iím the only one alive
Iím the only one not listening
I always was gonna die

Have I been up all night
Or have I been up all day
Itís am or pm I canít say
But I love it when she talks that way

Makes me want to be the gun,
Makes the rifle seem right
It felt good to just let go, it felt so good
And hit the wall as hard I could

And when the old gang got to the gun, itís like a jack knife shot up & stung -
It made me wonder if a bee gets stung if it tries to grab the hive by the handle

You look like a rose
Wilted to your toes
I wanna hear you singing
I wanna see you smile
I havenít seen you in a while
Youíre not everybody else
Itís not gonna happen like last year
You gotta find it your self
Gotta find your chance gotta find it yourself
Gotta find it

And keep her, and keep her, and keep her, and deeper
Deeper, & deeper, & deeper, beekeeper
Deeper, and deeper, and deeper and keep her
Deeper, and two time, like fire, and

Deeper, like two times, got fire, and keep her
Deeper, like two times, we got fire, and keep her
Deeper, two times, fire, and keep her
Dig deeper, two time, fire, keep her


(c) 2003-2012 The Boneless Children Foundation. All rights reserved.