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My Little Book
(music & lyrics by David Sophia-Siegel)

Part 1: On thinking & Thursday
Iím going away
Iíll ride a boat out to sea,
Run the night-time away.

I got good information
About the things that they know.
I sometimes wonder where are you -
That was a life-time ago.

With your cheeks when youíre wandering and
Cracks in your teeth,
When you donít like it, itís
Fit for a queen.
My little path, I beat it on down -
What never happened, I canít put in the ground

I try to scatter my body
Across the places I go
I donít mind losing my gambling
I donít mind catching a show

They got good information,
What weíre trying to say
Not gonna broadcast on their station,
Not gonna go their way

Well, Iím cheap, my teeth chatter
But my god, Iím so clean
What I donít want is still
Fit for the queen
My little path, I cannot die down
My little path - I cannot die down,
And down for the dead, thereís no space in the ground

Part 2: My big book is made of red licorice
My middle book is made out of hickory
My little bookís full of full-color drawings
Thatís how I find my way back to your awning

My big book is full of vague trickery
My middle bookís full of nitroglycerin
My little bookís full of drawings and drawings
Thatís what I make when itís late and Iím yawning

My big heart is a well-oiled machine
Your love for me is headed to Michigan
Monsters are people who have done some scary things
I gotta get up to record what terror sings

My little head is full of decisions
And my road map is dark with revisions
And my little chest beats full of red sympathy,
Adulterated by love and not in-betweens

And my little hands are subject & predicate
My big feet are running for President
My big thought when I woke up this morning
Was, ďI donít know, I donít know, I, no I donít know.Ē

My little love is tiny and ticklish
My big-time love is something I always wish
My little book is not full of anything
Itís been pure, clean & white since Iís a twenty thing

My dumb head thinks itís the cleverest
my self-control is climbing to Everest
If youíre the most frequent, Iím the neverest Ė
I gotta think hard not to think about it

I go more boldly than
I go more boldly than
William Shatner


(c) 2003-2012 The Boneless Children Foundation. All rights reserved.