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Wednesday, July 28, The Uptown, Oakland, CA
Pirate Cat Radio presents Dig This! Local music showcase...
With Maren Parusel and The Temperamentals.
Video from the show can be found here!

Friday, December 3, 2010! - Saturn Cafe, Berkeley, CA
Caliber Play launch show - Saturn Cafe, 2175 Allston Way, in Berkeley.

Friday, November 13, 2009! - The Uptown, Oakland, CA
With Little Bridges and the Cleveland Browns.

Sunday, August 23, 2009! - Rock Make Street Festival, San Francisco, CA
With a bunch of other wonderful bands. Thanks to Tartufi for bringing us in!

Friday, July 3, 2009! - Make Out Room, San Francisco, CA
With The Parents.

Saturday, June 6, 2009! - Flux 53, Oakland, CA
The first Flux ROX! show at Oakland's Flux 53 art/performance space.
With Shovelman and Colossal Intertia.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009! - The Knockout, San Francisco, CA
A show presented by the Lower Class Revolt!
With and .
Jonathan Kepke Birthday Show! Hoorays!

Wednesday, January 7 - The Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA
1695 Polk St., San Francisco, CA!
With our new friends The Great Sand Waste and our old friends Cartographer.

Thursday, November 6 - Kimo's, San Francisco, CA
1351 Polk St., San Francisco, CA!
With Warren Teagarden and Rocket Culture.

Wednesday, October 22 - The Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA
1695 Polk St., San Francisco, CA.
With Luce and Cartographer!

Friday, August 1 - We Players Benefit, San Francisco, CA
At the Kanbar Peforming Arts Center in San Francisco. With the Blank Slates.

Wednesday, July 23 - The Knockout, San Francisco, CA
With Uni and Her Ukulele and Pants Pants Pants.

Thursday, June 5 - The Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
With Dave Houghton and The Cult of Sue Todd.

Friday, April 18 - The Stork Club, Oakland, CA
With The Faulty Plum and Maya Dorn.
Rocking it out in Oakland, yes indeed.

Wednesday, March 19 - The Knockout, San Francisco, CA
With and .
3223 Mission St in San Francisco!

Thursday, January 31 - Boxcar Playhouse, San Francisco, CA
"I Laughed So Hard I Peed My Pants" variety show, put on by the

Boxcar Theatre. With a variety of delightful acts, including comedy by
Sal Lieberman, stand-up by Ben Temple, comedy song-stylings of Marc Silverman and magician Al Catraz.

Wednesday, October 17 - El Rio, San Francisco, CA
With Baby Cakes and The Hysterians.

Monday, September 24 - The Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA
With The Cult of Sue Todd and Fpodbpod.

Wednesday, August 22 - The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
With The May Fire and Jessie Deluxe. And our CD was released!

Tuesday, June 26 - The Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
With The Faulty Plum and Maya Dorn.

Sunday, May 20 - 12 Galaxies, San Francisco, CA
Emergenza yet again-za!!! With lotsa other bands... & thanks to them boys from
Santa Cruz for being so hospitable, & to Charlie for general awesomeness!

Thursday, April 26 - Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
With Birds of Every Flavor and Fpodbpod! Much fun! Much fun!

Friday, March 3 - The Rockit Room, San Francisco, CA
With a whole hell of a lot of bands, including Cullan's Hounds, Bat Makumba, and,
well, a whole hell of a lot of bands. Emergenza Fancy Pantsy Ooh-La-La Music
Festival, Round 2. Over. We lose de big prize! Big!

Saturday, February 10 - The Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
With Erik Ehlert. Crazy business - 2 broken guitar strings, 1 bass amp
apparently cooking itself and sparking, and 1 guitar amp deciding to turn itself
off in the middle of "Carl Sagan." Hot. Hot hott.

Tuesday, December 19 - The Make Out Room, San Francisco, CA
With Naked and Shameless and The Cult of Sue Todd.

Pacific Noise: It's not exactly a show, but we are featured on an
episode of Pacific Noise, an SF-based online tv show about local bands & such.
Enjoyment! We are episode #139.

Sunday, October 29 - The Green Tortoise Hostel, San Francisco, CA
With Whitey On The Moon.

Friday, October 27 - The Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
With Kapow! and Costa Nova.

Thursday, October 5 - The Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA
With Young Has Beens and Midline Errors.

Thursday, September 28 - The Rockit Room, San Francisco, CA
Round 1 of the Emergenza Music Festival - an international battle o' the bands.
And we won! Hooray for us! Round 2 is sometime in February, so we hear...

Friday, August 11 - The Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
With Whitey On the Moon and Scientician.

Monday, July 31 - The Elbo Room
647 Valencia St, over yonder in San Francisco.
With The Most and Peloton
Thursday, June 22 - The Make Out Room, San Francisco, CA
With The Young Has Beens and Ken Flagg.

Thursday, June 8 - Annie's Social Club, San Francisco, CA
Playing for the "Another Hole In the Head III" horror/sci-fi film festival
launch party. Other bands were Arnocorp, the Swillerz and the Mutilators.

Wednesday, May 31 - El Rio, San Francisco, CA
With and .

Tuesday, April 25 - The Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
With Kapow (Scott Gagner + Arnie Kim) and .

Friday, April 14 - The Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA
With Don Lennon.

Tuesday, March 14 - The Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA
With Piers Faccini and Built For The Sea.

Friday, February 24 - Box Dog Bikes Fundraiser!
Critical Mass led nicely into the evening at Box Dog Bikes' fundraising shebang!
This was a fundraiser to help out a San Francisco cyclist who was severly
injured when he was intentionally assaulted by someone driving an SUV.
Spider, I hope this helped out...
It was the very-loud-us & DJ Stylus Force afterwards & before.

Wednesday, February 22 - The Romane Event at the Make-Out Room.
Jolly good! Other performances that evening included playlets by Hilde,
comedy by Dattner, music by Scott Gagner, comedy and reminiscences by
Sal & Mitzie Lieberman, and of course hosting by Paco Romane.

Friday, February 17 - Edinburgh Castle
With and .
And for historical purposes, enjoy the flyer from that show!

Wednesday, October 26 - Make-Out Room
Killing My Lobster Kabaret house band duty once again!
Performers included Vanessa Morrison, Boaz Reisman (as "Me, Myself & Ipod"),
and many others. And Boneless did do a cover of Foreigner's
classic ode to stuff, "I Want to Know what Love Is."

Wednesday, September 28 - Make-Out Room
Boneless is the house band for the Killing My Lobster Kabarets -
and this sure was a Kabaret. The animations of Lev, the comedy of
Will Franken, the song stylings of Michael Musika, sketch comedy by
the Meehan Brothers, and stand-up by Yayne Abeba. Good stuff.

July 14 - August 6 - Killing My Lobster and the Wonderful World of Science
Killing My Lobster's show, "The Wonderful World of Science," ran
for 2 weeks in San Francisco's Victoria Theatre and for 2 weeks at Berkeley's
Ashby Stage. BCF's David was the Musical Director and Composer
for the show, and the band consisted of David on guitar, circular saw
gong-percussion and glockenspiel; Jonathan Kepke on piano/keys;
Simran Gleason playing steam cleaner, beer bottles, circular saw
gong-percussion, happy MIDI computer business, theremin emulator, vocoder,
and other miscellaneous steam-driven items such as fart whistles and
kettles and such; and Olive Mitra on drums for the first 3 weeks.
Brian Gorman took over drums for the final week of the show.
Click here for music samples & more info.

Wednesday, June 29 - The Make Out Room
At the Killing My Lobster Kabaret!
The Boneless Children Foundation was/is the house band for
Ringleader Paco, the host of the Killing My Lobster Kabaret.

Wednesday, March 16 - The Rickshaw Stop
With Secret Synthi and Odessa.

Saturday, February 25 - Thee Parkside
At Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin.
During Noise Pop 2005, for which Thee Parkside is Noise Pop HQ.
With The Struts.

Thursday, January 20 - Studio Z, San Francisco
With The Poor Boys (minus Sweet Noodle), The Struts and Tartufi.

Saturday, September 25 - The Independent
Opened for Opener #2/Closer Aphrodesia and headliner Sean Hayes.

Sunday, July 18 - Sunday School, at Studio Z
A Bi-Polar Production, hosted by the Vau de Vire Society.
With Kid Beyond, The Kook Troop, and many others.
Feel liberated to regard the Official Flyer For Thee Event.

Wednesday, June 30 - KML Kabaret, Make-Out Room
Killing My Lobster Kabaret at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco.

Wednesday, May 26 - Papa Toby's
Yes, it's true.

Sunday, May 23 - Milk
1840 Haight St., at Haight & Stanyan.
Sushi Sunday Showcases show.
With many other bands, including The Superfriends and Hazy.

Sunday, May 9 - The Fillmore Lounge
The headliner was My Morning Jacket.
The other main stage act was M Ward.

Friday, April 30 - The Fillmore Lounge
Upstairs in the lounge at San Francisco's Fillmore.
Main-stage bands were Spymob and The Thrills.

Thursday, April 29 - The Make-Out Room
For head-liner Little Fuzzy's CD release party.

Friday, April 16 - Simple Pleasures Cafe
3434 Balboa St, between 35th & 36th Ave.
Progressive political event. In the evening.

Friday, April 16 - Jewish Community Center Preschool
At the Diller Family Preschool, Gan Katan class.

Sunday, April 4 - House of Love Cabaret
3 year cabaret anniversary show.

Wednesday, March 17 - El Rio, Late Night With God
As the featured band for the evening. A brief but memorable set.

Sunday, March 14 - Papa Toby's Revolution Cafe

Friday, March 12 - The Odeon Bar
With Go Van Gogh.

Thursday, February 27 to Sunday, March 7 - Killing My Lobster "POP!"
We were the band for the Killing My Lobster show,
"POP!" It was a 10 show run at the Theatre Artaud in San Francisco.
We wrote & played a ton of music for interstitial music and songs
sung (by us and the cast) during the show, and played a brief set
before each show and during each show's intermission. And had a
great time - thanks for everything, Lobsters! Let's do it again soon.

Saturday, February 14 (Valentine's Day!) - Illbilly Rhodehouse
With the Speakers and Sean Hayes!
1300 Rhode Island Street - at the corner of 24th St. and
Rhode Island, in SF, on Rhode Island.
Cuddle-Fest of the Bands.

Sunday, February 8 - Papa Toby's Revolution Cafe, SF

Sunday, February 1 - House of Love Cabaret, SF, CA
David played 2 solo songs (one for happy birthday to Haia!),
Michael regaled the audience with a series of musical splendid
wonder, and Paco, Brian and David performed sketch comedy
under the new moniker of Lift Me, I'm Light!

Friday, January 16 - The Odeon Bar
in the Mission. With Toshio Hirano & Mr. Mystic.

Sunday, January 11 - Papa Toby's Revolution Cafe
With special guests Scott & Arnie (KAPOW!!!).

Sunday, January 4 - House of Love Cabaret
And with komedy brought to you by Paco and Brian.

Wednesday, December 31 - Simple Pleasures Cafe
Rang-a-dang-dang in the New Year while David was in Mexico.

Sunday, Dec 14 - Papa Toby's Revolution Cafe
With Sam Edson and Ramona and Jessica's Universal Bus.

Sunday, Dec 7 - House of Love Cabaret
Special ha-ha show. Man alive & land sakes. y'know?

Friday, Dec 5 - 57 Stillman, Sean Hayes CD Release Party
Opening up the evening for Sean Hayes in the release of his new
CD, "Alabama Chicken."


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