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— CMJ / Sonicbids Artist Spotlight

— The Onion's list of Worst Band Names of '07! BCF makes the cut.

— BCF as the Synthesis Magazine Blog "Band You've Never Heard of Band of the Day"

— BCF on NPR's Open Mic Program! Listen and enjoy...

— Read our great reviews over on iTunes!


"With Stars for Anyone, The Boneless Children Foundation has created a massive
album that swerves and boogies with classic rock n' roll riffs and delightfully
quirky and engaging lyrics. The songs overflow with ideas, while musical passages
are juxtaposed in a way that suggests the giddiness of a band like Sparks.
...[David Siegel is] a reckless lead vocalist who shouts, croons, pleads,
and sings over the carefully crafted music with such emotion that you can't help
but listen to what he's trying to say."
— Jeff Bissell, Wiretap Music

"Wildly near-psychedelic indie rock ... Cute and endearing ... Good energy ...
People do like their cars."
— Hybrid Magazine

"If you like fun, sloppy, sometimes kinda poignant-sounding power pop, look no
further than San Francisco’s The Boneless Children Foundation."
— Synthesis Magazine Blog

"Stars for Anyone features extremely cool, unpredictable stream-of-consciousness
rock with a difference. In the age of everyone-sounds-the-same and/or technology-
drives-the-sound...the guys in The Boneless Children Foundation play refreshingly
real artsy rock and roll. [...] Stars for Anyone is a refreshing reminder that
there are some truly creative bands lurking underneath the surface."
— LMNOP.com/babysue.com.

"Go, be rocked [by the Boneless Children Foundation]."
— Rudolph Delson, NEW YORK TIMES Paper Cuts 'Living With Music' Blog,
    Rudy is the author of the wonderful novel .

Discussing our CD: "The leadoff title track is a sprawling
garage-pop epic that comes out firing. Chaotic guitar and drum churn
through the song's three minutes and twenty-two seconds, creating a
perfect combination of noise and rock catchiness."
- Jer, Three Imaginary Girls

"Kind of like No Doubt before they sold 10,000,000 records and began to doubt their
sound. No (thankfully) Gwen here, but perhaps a similar sense of controlled confusion
and kinetic energy. A tight three-piece that I am sure deliver a great live show with
much unpredictableness."
(Additionally, "What a bunch of high school kids. ... [I]t's a sick name that means nothing."
— Freddy Jisp, Left Hip Magazine

"A mix of poetry, punk, glam rock – they know how to put on a good show."
— Una LaMarche, Black Book Online

"Don't worry about sending money: These three guys have all the bones they
need. They make a plenty-noisy punk-rock racket, tempered by humor and just
the right touch of melody.”
— Nate Seltenreich, The East Bay Express

"The title track from Boneless Children Foundation’s brand new album Stars
for Anyone is a wonderful slice of indie rock."
— The Bay Bridged

"You'd listen to Boneless Children Foundation on big old headphones
at an American laundromat in a cool inner-city neighbourhood, while
wearing sneakers and op-shop clothes, dancing stupidly around the driers.
It's that sort of ironic indie post-punk extravaganza, so it's fitting
that they've been garnering buzz via college radio stations."
— Jennifer, We Heart Music Blog

"... apt and off-kilter ... some very exciting music ... ."
— Pat Craig, The Contra Costa Times

"... notoriously Dead Milkmen-esque ..."
— Hiya Swanhuyser, The SF Weekly

"The Boneless Children Foundations new CD "Stars For Anyone" is a throwback
to a time when humor in music mattered. BCF writes catchy lyrics, engaging
melodies and if sex appeal were sound the whole bay area would be deaf."
— Paco Romane, of pacoromane.com and Free Dirt Media.

"A poor man's Rush."
— Some guy someplace

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